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22Apr 2015
Save money on car maintenance

Isn’t it funny how just a little bit of knowledge can make a big difference to the way you do things? Well kids, hold onto your hats because the king’s about to hit you with some knowledge that’s going to blow the back of your head right off.

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15Apr 2015
5 Things You Can Do for Free This Weekend

Remember when going to the movies cost just R12, and a big coke cost R7? And you could keep yourself entertained at the local arcade for hours with R20? Well, if you do remember all that then you should know that in addition to being nostalgic, you’re also kinda… How do I say this delicately? […]

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09Apr 2015
5 Tips to Preserve Your Petrol

We had a nice little treat at the beginning of the year with the petrol price drop, didn’t we? Suddenly we all had a little extra cash in our wallets and a little more petrol in our tanks, to get to where we wanted to go. Ah…. Good times.

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01Apr 2015
25Mar 2015
Home Contents Insurance
Rather be safe than sorry

Sadly, crime is a reality not just in South Africa, but in many countries in the world. But we believe it’s better to be prepared rather than paranoid, so I’ve put together a couple of extra-safe safety precautions to keep you, your car and your stuff protected every day of the year. By now you […]

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24Mar 2015
Roadside assistance...The unsung hero
Roadside assistance….The unsung hero

Everyone has a story about a car breakdown, but the most interesting ones hardly ever include roadside assistance coming to the rescue. Let’s face it, there’s just no drama in that news. You’d rather hear about how someone was stranded for hours, had awkward ‘local’ encounters or spent the night fighting off baboons, right? However, […]

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