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28Aug 2018
Optional extras to add to your buildings combined insurance

The building (or buildings) that your business relies on to turn a profit is surely the most expensive asset that you’ve invested in. The things that can go wrong are like the stars in the sky… Endless. (But way less pretty.) And while our buildings combined insurance covers a list of risks and perils as […]

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21Aug 2018
How our buildings combined insurance works

It’s 1 thing to get buildings combined insurance for your business. But the real value comes from knowing all the ins and outs of how your policy works. You don’t want to pay for something and never extract the full value from it. That would kind of be like buying an oven and only using […]

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14Aug 2018
Not covered by Fire Insurance
What fire insurance doesn’t cover

It can be a bit dull to explore the terms of an insurance contract and weed through all the info just to discover the ins and outs of how fire insurance for your business works. It can also be confusing. But we know very well how crucial it is for you to know these details. […]

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07Aug 2018
What is covered by Fire insurance
What’s covered under our fire insurance

So, you’re thinking about adding fire insurance to your business cover. Or you have it already. But apart from knowing that it has something to do with covering the cost of dealing with a fire in your business… You’re a bit clueless. That’s okay. We’ve broken down what’s included with your cover right here, in […]

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01Aug 2018
How we make sense, when others don’t
How we make sense, when others don’t

Not a day goes by without your car losing value, but your insurance premium stays the same month after month. That just isn’t right and it doesn’t make any sense. After all, insurers get all pernickety about all the details of your cover when it comes time to claim, so why aren’t they making a […]

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31Jul 2018
Buildings combined
What even is buildings combined insurance?

Buildings combined insurance, what is that? Business buildings cover, buildings combined, business property insurance… Whatever it’s called, this type of insurance covers your business’ building/s and structure/s from loss and damage that could take your business from thriving to barely surviving. (Man, it feels good to rhyme. It makes the point less scary, without compromising […]

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