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13Aug 2014
Who’s driving?

When you call the king to get a quote for car insurance, you’ll notice that we ask you, “who is the regular driver?” What we mean by this is not, “who is the most normal out of all the drivers that you know?”, after all, we know that most of our clients and staff are […]

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07Aug 2014
Car Insurance Policy
How to Lower Your Car Insurance Premiums

Adult life is full of challenges – from understanding mortgages, to choosing the right savings account, to mastering the polite nod when someone says something ridiculous. Car insurance premiums are on the list of grown-up things you can’t simply ignore. It’s essential to secure yourself against potential mishaps, but the trick is doing it wisely […]

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06Aug 2014
What to do if you have a car accident

None of us likes the idea of being in a car accident- in fact, if you’re planning on driving your car into someone else’s car, it sort of stops being an accident, and starts being a case of vehicular assault…. Which is unlikely to be covered by any insurance company, but is quite likely to […]

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05Aug 2014
4x4 Car Insurance
The off-road checklist

So you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie. You love 4X4s and monster trucks, and think there’s nothing better than a good bundu trail to show off the potential of your car. You’re always looking for a new challenge, and the perfect terrain to put your off-road machine through its paces. Before your next off-road […]

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04Aug 2014
4 Reasons to Insure Your Camera

Great photography means trying to combine precision timing, tireless patience and creative inspiration. Maybe you take photos while bungee jumping, or when you’re in the depths of a forest. Or maybe you’re like this genius who used Star Wars figurines to depict a day in the life of a Stormtrooper. Regardless of whether you’re a […]

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30Jul 2014
The king’s portable possessions insurance for your precious things

Between laptops, smartphones, smarter tablets, your designer sunglasses, and the classical guitar you take to entertain your friends at dinner parties, the chances are you have quite a few precious possessions on you at any given time.

Well, did you know that King Price offers portable possessions insurance specifically for the things that you carry with you?

It’s true, we do.

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