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Power to the people!

How to stay productive when the lights are out… Load shedding….Rolling blackouts….Generator jubilation…. Whatever you want to call it, at some point in your life, as a working South African, you’ll be faced with having the lights go out when you’ve got things to do. The problem of power outages has long been tackled by appliances that try to provide […]

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Updating your insurance policy information

Incorrect details mean incorrect cover, and when it comes to insurance, it’s as simple as that. Imagine how you’d look if you tried to claim for damage on your home and, in our books, your address is different. It’s awkward… And kind of a big deal breaker. As service providers, we know that life sometimes gets in the way of […]

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Correctly insuring your home contents

When it comes to household insurance, it’s always better to be over- than under-insured. There are always those horror stories you hear about people who have been caught by surprise when it came time to claim from their providers. Whether they weren’t informed properly, or they neglected to read the fine print, it’s unfortunately a reality that many have faced. […]

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How to prevent your geyser from bursting

Let’s face it, your hot morning shower, or steamy evening bath is probably one of the greatest pleasures of your day. Hot water is what separates us from the animals. Hot water and WiFi. And while King Price buildings insurance clients can sing their favourite tunes while they scrub-a-dub-dub, knowing that the king has their geysers insured in the event […]

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King Price insurance has several policies available to not only suit your needs, but also your budget. We’re super cheap and proud of it. So, before you make any hasty decisions, throw yourself a bone and consider all of the options first. Your choice our pleasure

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A quick guide to King Price’s policies

Making sure that all of your precious treasures are covered can be confusing (and let’s be honest, kinda boring unless you insure with King Price). Sure, getting car insurance for your car is straightforward…. But what about everything else?

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