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Let the king cover your new goodies in 2015

Ah, January, you are a cruel mistress….Despite being only 31 days long, January is still the longest month of the year for most of us. Our year-end bonuses have long since been spent on gadgets, goodies and holidays, and we’re all just counting the days till our next payday.

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Are we there yet?

I know that many of you are planning to travel across our vast and beautiful country over the December break. But before you pack your padkos and practice screaming ‘I swear, I will turn this car around!’, please read our road trip safety tips on this week’s ‘a word from the king’. Your safety is our concern…. Always.

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How to keep your castle safe while you’re on holiday

Summer’s here, and while you might be more concerned with making sure you’ve got enough sunscreen and spending money for your December holidays, I suggest you also spend a little time making sure your home will be protected while you’re away soaking up the sun.

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Service fit for a king

These days it’s so hard to find quick reliable help…. But not when you’ve got home contents or buildings insurance with King Price! If you have an emergency the king’s home assist will deliver royal service to your doorstep as soon as you need it.

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Don’t be a heartbreaker

Whether you’re getting an insurance policy for your car, your house, or the stuff that matters most to you, one thing’s for sure…. It’s extremely important for us to be 100% honest with one another right from the start….

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What does ‘third party liability’ mean?

Third party liability simply means responsibility. You might not think of yourself as the adventurous type, but the fact is that we all take risks every day, no matter whether we’re just making toast, driving to work or getting out of bed in the morning. There’s no telling when an accident can happen, or who, or how many people might […]

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