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03Mar 2014
Does your car insurance have third party cover?

Finding the right car insurance is essential to safeguard your beloved set of wheels. In order to meet varying needs and cater to differing budgets, King Price provides customers with a wide selection of vehicle cover options. Third party insurance is one such option. Allow us to tell you more about what this coverage offers.

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27Feb 2014
Payment Procedures for your Car Insurance

The fact that car insurance is absolutely essential is not rocket science. If you drive a car, a lot of things can go wrong with it. It could get damaged in an accident. You could be hi-jacked or your car could be stolen. Someone could possibly even break into it while it’s parked somewhere and steal valuables […]

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07Nov 2013
Applying for a bond – Can you select your own building insurance?

Building insurance is an essential aspect of owning property with a structure on it. No matter if it’s your weekend getaway spot or the house you live in, having it insured is of the utmost importance. For the sake of clarity, this type of insurance covers any built structures including your home, garages or outbuildings – […]

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15Oct 2013
Aftershock – what to do after a crash

No one expects them, but accidents may creep into our lives, whether we’re ready for them or not. Whether it’s a small prang, or something more serious, accidents are traumatic and overwhelming, and it’s hard to always remember what you should do next. Thankfully, the king is here to give you some tips to help […]

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15Oct 2013
Different types of motor insurance

Choosing the right kind of motor insurance for you could appear to be an intimidating process, if you don’t know how to distinguish between the various types. Fortunately it’s actually quite easy, as there are generally just three kinds of motor insurance. Let us take a look at what they are… Comprehensive cover As the […]

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03Oct 2013
The meaning of a ‘no claim bonus’ in short term insurance

A phrase that is lately often used in the short term insurance space is ‘no claim bonus.’ But what exactly does this mean? To help you understand it, let’s explain…. Let’s say you have a comprehensive car insurance policy with a short term insurance company… But in your first year you so happen to be […]

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