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Moving in December? Here’s how to make sure it goes smoothly

We were flabbergasted at just how many people move houses towards the end of the year. No, seriously. Apparently November to January are the most popular months in which to take all your stuff and put it into another house. There are a bunch of reasons for this, some random and some thoughtfully considered. For example, some people move in […]

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Waterproof your home

Some areas of the country are still waiting for the rain to fall, while in others, it doesn’t feel like the summer fun has really begun because of all the grey skies and rain-soaked days. Sounds poetic (if we dare say so ourselves) but the chaps without rain are suffering and the 1s who haven’t been able to do a […]

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How to cope with power outages while you’re away

Seems like load shedding is back. And with it, all types of power outages. We’re trying to ignore it, but the thing is… Come December, while we’re off making merry away from home, the power could very well go out and this shoots up your risk as a homeowner. Why? Oh gosh, thanks for asking.

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You can insure your phone… On your phone

Some people dream of scaling Everest… We dream of things like giving South Africans the ability to insure their phones while using their phones. And seeing as that’s what we’ve done, you’ll forgive us for breaking out in a little happy dance.

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What’s culture got to do with your business

Our kingdom’s home to all types of people, from all the proverbial walks of life, working in all types of different areas to bring you the king’s super cheap, super amazing insurance. Our company is so diverse and yet, we mesh together quite well. That’s because our kingdom has its own culture that celebrates who we are as individuals and […]

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King Price culture day – You’re invited

King Price culture day: Find out how we created a flawsome culture that drives our kingdom We’re super lucky. That’s an understatement but we’re pretty sure that there aren’t words enough to describe how happy and grateful we are to be part of our amazing kingdom. Seriously. Who else gets to work in a company in South Africa where there […]

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