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The importance of having vehicle insurance

Car insurance companies are a dime a dozen in South Africa and finding the right one for you can be quite tricky. It is not for no reason that this type of insurance has been described as a necessary evil and grudge purchase as vehicle cover can get quite expensive, especially if you are insured by an unscrupulous company. Here at […]

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Facts and figures on drunk driving

At King Price Insurance, we know that South Africans enjoy socialising and that there is what has become known as, a ‘one for the road’ mentality. But there will be no joy, at all, if you are involved in an accident while under the influence as your car insurance will not pay out. The king and his court would like to share […]

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Home contents insurance – are you at risk?

In spite of how much you wish you didn’t need it, home content insurance is probably one of the most important things you can invest in. It’s hard enough to cope with the trauma of losing something precious of yours, or deal with serious damage that has been done to your home, let alone having to figure out how you’re going to […]

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Why you can’t live without car insurance

A good insurance plan is a must-have if you’re a car owner. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself to be a very safe driver, the fact remains that if you don’t have a protective vehicle policy, you face financial risk every time you drive. Comprehensive cover will provide you with peace of mind in the event that your car […]

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Home contents insurance and proof of ownership

We really, really hope that this never happens, but should any of your precious belongings get damaged or stolen out of your home, you should be able to provide us with proof of ownership when you claim for it against your home contents insurance policy. This is standard procedure when it comes to insurance policies and claim procedures for home […]

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Building insurance is worth more than you think!

You need to get your hands on building insurance as soon as you own any kind of building – whether it’s the house you live in or the remotely located holiday flat you escape to when the in-laws are threatening to visit. Basically, building insurance takes care of the permanent, built structures on your property like your house and its outbuildings. Many people are […]

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