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Portable possessions

25Oct 2019
You can insure your phone… On your phone

Some people dream of scaling Everest… We dream of things like giving South Africans the ability to insure their phones while using their phones. And seeing as that’s what we’ve done, you’ll forgive us for breaking out in a little happy dance.

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25Sep 2019
4 things to avoid when buying a smartphone
4 things to avoid when buying a smartphone

4 things to avoid when buying a smartphone Let’s be real. Smartphones have become our irreplaceable companions. Think about it for a second… When’s the last time you went anywhere without your phone? Does the sweat run down the sides of your face at the thought of your battery dying far from your charger? Well […]

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23Dec 2015
Are your goodies insured while you’re on the go?

On your marks… jet-set… and off you go! It’s the festive season and we know a lot of the royal family members are on the move. Whether you are visiting family in a different province, going on a romantic getaway or backpacking through Europe, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is their possessions […]

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13Aug 2015
5 most laughable burglaries

Have you ever heard of the burglar who couldn’t get hold of a gun and decided to use an adult toy as a weapon instead?  What about the guy who decided to make like Santa Claus and slide down the chimney in an effort to rob a house, accidentally wedging himself in there as a […]

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25Mar 2015
Home Contents Insurance
Rather be safe than sorry

Sadly, crime is a reality not just in South Africa, but in many countries in the world. But we believe it’s better to be prepared rather than paranoid, so I’ve put together a couple of extra-safe safety precautions to keep you, your car and your stuff protected every day of the year. By now you […]

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25Feb 2015
A quick guide to King Price’s policies

Making sure that all of your precious treasures are covered can be confusing (and let’s be honest, kinda boring unless you insure with King Price). Sure, getting car insurance for your car is straightforward…. But what about everything else?

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