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Power to the people!

How to stay productive when the lights are out…

Load shedding….Rolling blackouts….Generator jubilation…. Whatever you want to call it, at some point in your life, as a working South African, you’ll be faced with having the lights go out when you’ve got things to do. The problem of power outages has long been tackled by appliances that try to provide the best solutions for this perpetual problem.Travelbusy’s portable generator reviews might prove to be beneficial to one to assuage the affects of power outages.

Sure, it sucks, especially when you’re 400 words into your latest, weekly ‘word from the king’ and haven’t saved once….. Sigh.

Anyway, as hard as it is to miss your favourite TV programmes, not be able to surf the internet and find your way to bed by feel alone, there are a few things you can do to make the most of your time in the dark.

  1. Get up earlier– You know what they say, the early bird gets the worm. And even if you’re not partial to worms (blegh, but who is?), you can still make more of your day by getting up an hour or two earlier and using those extra hours of daylight to catch up on work, or just spend more time doing the things you enjoy.
  1. Buy books– Remember books? Great big wads of paper with lots of printed words on them? Well, they’re not quite as sexy as your newest tablet’s high resolution display, but you can enjoy them without worrying about battery life. Try second hand book stores, or look around online for some great low-tech literature deals.
  1. Work offline– A change in perspective could do wonders for your lateral thinking. Instead of staring mindlessly at an empty screen, try staring mindlessly at an empty page in your notebook instead. Perhaps inspiration will strike. Or maybe you’ll draw a really cool doodle. It can’t hurt.
  1. Eat raw– At the beginning of the year, you undoubtedly made all kinds of promises to yourself to eat better and get healthier. Well, now’s your chance! Combine fresh fruits and veggies in interesting, raw combinations and dress with healthy oils (like Olive or Avocado). But stick the steak back in the freezer for when your stove’s working again…
  1. Have meetings– Try to schedule all of your catch-ups, brainstorms, pow-wows and workshops when the power’s down. Although you won’t be able to use the cappuccino machine, your office can make some major progress just using good old fashioned brain-power for a while.

Remember that although it’s not all doom and gloom when the lights go down, you should take precautions to protect yourself from the consequences of power-outs.

Speak to the king about comprehensive car insurance in case someone skips their turn when the robots are out. You can also chat to us about protecting all the stuff in your house against theft and break-ins.