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16Jan 2019

Prepare for the load shedding 101

Load shedding will strike us again and it’s a trying time for every 1 who gets caught in the dark, unprepared. And of course, not every 1 is lucky enough to be able to buy a portable generator, let alone have enough room in the budget to keep it fuelled up every time the lights go out… That’s why we’ve gathered a few essential tips that’ll ensure that it’s not such a disaster when darkness descends.

Forewarned = forearmed

When it comes to load shedding, it’s pretty hard to think on your feet when you’re in the dark. Far better to be prepared, so get a print out of the latest schedule and stick it on the fridge. This way, you can easily check when your area is up for a power outage and you and every 1 else in your household will have enough time to get ready.

A light stock up

Now’s the time to invest in a couple of light sources that don’t rely on Eskom. A few great options include an oil lamp, torch or solar, battery powered light, lantern, or a portable light that’s charged beforehand. Once you’ve got your light sources, place them around the house in easily accessible locations.

Oh, and it never hurts to keep a couple of candles, matches, and plenty of fresh, spare batteries. Just in case.

Security and access essentials to back up

Ever been caught just outside your electric gate during load shedding with no 1 home to turn it onto manual? It happens more often than you think. If you’re lucky, you can head to a friend’s or your local shopping centre and wait it out. You won’t be lucky enough to save the cold groceries from melting in the boot… But you won’t be stranded outside your house, looking longingly in through the fencing.

To avoid such a scenario, make sure that your alarm systems, garage doors, and electric gates all have good back-up batteries. If your alarm system doesn’t have a back-up battery, buy a battery-operated mobile panic button (linked to your alarm company or a reputable emergency response company). It’s better to be safe and we don’t want anything bad to happen to you.

Keep things cool

You might get a bit bored during load shedding, but that’s no excuse for making frequent trips to the fridge to stare for a few minutes and repeat. If you don’t open and close your fridge and freezer all the time, then your supplies should be okay without power overnight.

If you’re still worried, then maybe it’s best to be a hero and tuck into the ice-cream. You know, to save it from melting. Oh, and the king actually covers deteriorating food with our royal home contents cover if your fridge or freezer breaks due to a power failure. So, there’s that too.

There’s charged and there’s recharged

If you know when the power will be out, you can make sure your computer, laptop, phone, iPad and whatever else you want is fully charged. This way, you can still use your devices and avoid complete and total boredom.

Another charged up tip is to invest in LED globes with a rechargeable battery back-up. When the power goes out, you can connect the rechargeable battery to the LED globe and enjoy the freedom of sight once more.

Bonus tip for the tea lovers

Gasping for a good cuppa with no way of parching your thirst when the power goes out? That’s an easy fix. Just fill a thermos flask with boiling water before (that’s the important bit) the blackout. You’re guaranteed at least 1 or 2 cups of warm tea or coffee when you need it most.

Ultimately, load shedding is a bit of a pain. Sometimes it’s a big pain. But we’ve got your back with our super cheap home and buildings insurance that covers power surges and dips. This part of load shedding can cause havoc in your home and we’re here for you when it does all go wrong. Even if you just need some 1 to chat to when the lights go out. Our royal consultants will talk you through the darkness (hey, don’t judge, some people are legitimately scared of blackouts) because that’s how much we care about you and your stuff.

If you don’t already have our royal touch in your life, take the first step right now and get a quick quote here or call our royal client care team on 0860 50 50 50.