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Car Insurance Quotes
17Jun 2014

Protect your Caravan Kingdom

If you’re planning on hitting the road for a holiday, you should make sure your caravan insurance is up to date. Even if you’re an experienced driver with a history of towing, the risks associated with long trips should not be underestimated.

What could go wrong?

Whether you’re caravanning up to your favourite camping spot or planning a road trip, there’s an important question you need to consider. If something goes wrong with your mobile home while you’re travelling, are you prepared?

For instance, while travelling with a caravan, you could suffer damage to your:

  • External mechanisms – Your wheels, brakes, coupling, suspension and chassis are all subject to wear and tear when you’re on the road. Even if your caravan is well maintained, deep potholes, accidents, and even extreme weather can cause serious problems. Should one or more of these important parts be impaired or broken, you could be immobilised, or forced to turn back, and the repairs can be pretty expensive.
  • Utility systems – To bring the comforts of home to a mobile home, many caravans feature gas and electrical equipment to power lights, heaters, and appliances. These need constant maintenance in order to stay in good working order. What’s more, they pose a fire risk if not properly operated. For safety, you’ll need a trained professional to work on these systems, and that can be costly.
  • Interior and exterior bodywork – Panels, windows, doors, locks, hinges and seals are all that separate the inside of your cosy caravan from the elements. If one of these fails to perform, the repair costs can be steep. In severe cases, a complete overhaul of the body may be necessary, and that won’t come cheap.

How can you protect your personal possessions?

If you’re looking for some reassurance, we can offer you additional coverage to guarantee the contents of your caravan. After all, it can be a bumpy road at times, and ongoing maintenance and replacement of worn parts is essential. With our services, you won’t be out of pocket.

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