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Rather be safe than sorry

Sadly, crime is a reality not just in South Africa, but in many countries in the world. But we believe it’s better to be prepared rather than paranoid, so I’ve put together a couple of extra-safe safety precautions to keep you, your car and your stuff protected every day of the year.

By now you should all know about how important it is to install burglar bars in your home, and alarms in your car, so I’m not going to point out the obvious, but here are some lesser known safety suggestions that will help to keep you and yours super safe.

  1. Travel in Packs– If you’re travelling at night, or to somewhere you’ve never been, try to arrange to have some company for the road. Car pool to work and to parties when you can. Not only will you be helping to save the environment, but it’s safer than travelling alone.


  1. DIY Face Mace– Try to keep a small can of body spray in your handbag or in your car. If you are harassed while out, you can use this spray as a low-tech version of mace to get away. Hopefully you’ll never have to use it for anything more serious than a midday freshness boost though!


  1. Park Off– Whenever possible, park your car where you can keep an eye on it. Or use some of the money you’ve saved insuring your car with King Price and splurge on the paid parking rather than settling for the free, side-of-the-road spots.


  1. Cinema Safety– Just because you’re taking a break to enjoy the screen, doesn’t mean the skelms are off-duty. Before tucking into your popcorn, make sure your precious portable possessions are on your lap, where you can see to avoid getting ripped off while you’re relaxing.


  1. Don’t Just Drop and Go– When dropping someone off at home, keep the car idling to make sure that they get inside safely before leaving them. And expect other drivers to do the same for you.


  1. Prickly Customer– You’ve got the fences, the walls, the bars and the alarms, but you can also add some natural deterrents in the form of thorny plants or tall cactuses around your property.


  1. Be Aware– Try to stay alert and aware, and to notice anything odd or out of place, even when you are at home or somewhere you feel comfortable. Complacency can be dangerous.


  1. Hide your Wires– Protect or conceal any telephone or electrical wires around your home. Criminals often cut these to disable your alarm system.


  1. Let there be Light– Use bright, motion activated lights around your property to illuminate any activity happening outside. If that seems a little excessive, then at least make sure that the entrances to your home are well-lit at night. Consider a solar solution if you’re trying to keep it green.


  1. Don’t get Unhinged– Check the doorways to your home and outbuildings, and make sure that the hinges face the inside and are not accessible to the outside. Outside-facing door hinges make it easier for burglars to get in.


To keep your stuff covered with the king, just leave your details here and let us know what we can help with.

Your wish is our command, and your safety is our concern, always.