Road sign safety quiz

When driving, your focus should always be on the road and the conditions of the traffic around you (read: other cars). But road signs are an important part of avoiding dangers on the road, and of staying safe on long trips. Sure, we all think we know all of the road signs, but do we? I mean, do we really?

There are so many more signs on our roads than just ‘Stop’, ‘Yield to oncoming traffic’ and ‘Gawie was hier’ (my personal favourite), so with that in mind, why not test your own knowledge of some of these lesser spotted road signs?

Come on, it’s multiple choice, so it’s lank easy.

1.Concealed A. Concealed driveway ahead.B. Road curves ahead.C. Sneaky arrow attacks ahead.
2. Wild A. Springboks are so majesticB. Wild animals ahead.C. Wild rugby fans ahead.
3. Construction A. Flat trucks ahead.B. Construction vehicles crossing ahead.C. Destruction derbies permitted here.
4. Pedestrians A. No butt-scratching allowed.B. No moon-walking allowedC. No pedestrians allowed. 
5. Gravel A. Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads!B. Gravel road begins ahead.C. Top of road is covered in bees.
6. Traffic Control A. Traffic control aheadB. Throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care.C. Taxi rank ahead.
7. width A. You must be this tall to ride on this road.B. Traffic will take approximately 2.1 minutesC. Maximum width limit.
8. Headlights A. Turn on headlights.B. Activate giant Cyclops robot and proceed to take over the world.C. Turn coffee cup sideways.
9. Uneven A. Ocean ahead.B. Uneven road ahead.C. Mexican wave ahead.
10. Loose Stones A. Loose stones ahead.B. Explanatory science diagrams ahead.C. Killer tomatoes will look at your tyres. 
ANSWERS: 1= A; 2=B; 3=B; 4=C; 5=B; 6=A; 7=C; 8=C; 9=B; 10=A