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14Jan 2015

Our royal family values

At King Price, we treat one another like family…. So yes, there is a lot of hair pulling and water balloon fighting, but it also means that there’s always a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on!

On this week’s ‘a word from the king’, I want to share our family values with you.

Like I said earlier King Price is so much more just a building of coffee consuming zombies…. We’re a REAL family. A fun-loving, hard-working family, probably a lot like  yours, with cheek pinching aunties and all!

But each and every family is different, to some, happiness is a home cooked pot roast and potatoes, to others it’s karaoke and embarrassing home videos! For us, it’s our family values, and they’re here to turn each and every member of our family into a happiness hero…. Ready to save the world from poor service and ridiculously high insurance premiums!

And remember, these aren’t just a bunch of words…. They’re the reason why we’re the happiest and fastest growing insurance company family yet!

  1. Customer is king
  2. Fun with a little madness
  3. Courageous freedom
  4. Lean and mean
  5. Together we can
  6. Be real
  7. Live with purpose

If you want to tell us about what makes your family stick together through thick and thin, mail us at, or leave a comment on our Facebook wall…. We’d love to hear from you!