Save money on car maintenance

Isn’t it funny how just a little bit of knowledge can make a big difference to the way you do things?

Well kids, hold onto your hats because the king’s about to hit you with some knowledge that’s going to blow the back of your head right off.

Get out your diaries and stick a big golden star on today’s date, because today is the day you learnt how to save money, by doing some of your own basic car maintenance.

  1. Check your spare

Remember your spare? That tyre in the boot that takes up all the room you’d otherwise use for shopping bags? That tyre could be a life saver one day, so check its pressure regularly and make sure you have a jack in the car, at all times, in case you need to actually use it.

  1. …. And your oil and water

While you’re checking your spare, you might as well check the oil level in your car (make sure the engine is cool when you do), and make sure that there is sufficient water in the coolant tank.

  1. …. And then also the tyre tread

There’s nothing wrong with being bald when you’re a person, but when you’re a tyre, it’s a deal breaker. Use a matchstick to check the depth of your tyre’s tread. If the match is thicker than the tread, it’s time to buy some new tyres.

  1. Replace the air filter

A dirty air filter can affect engine performance and your fuel consumption. Simply unscrew the plastic lid (usually on the side of your engine, but check online for a model-specific map), then take out the old filter, put the new one in, and screw the lid back on. Ta-dah!

  1. Replace your own windscreen wipers

When your windscreen wipers start looking a little rough, it’s very easy to install these yourself. Simply buy a new set, manipulate the old ones out and clip the new ones in. If you’re unsure, ask your mechanic to show you once. That’s all it takes to remember how to do them forever.

  1. Clean your battery

A lot of electrical issues can come from loose or corroded battery connections. If you notice corrosion on the posts or cable connectors, get a battery cleaning brush from your hardware store, give the battery posts a scrub, and then reconnect everything properly. Click on the following to find out our favorite garage heater.

  1. Get unstuck

A bad bumper sticker has a lot in common with a bad tattoo, but at least you can remove the stickers. Peel back the edge of bumper sticker along a corner, and then spray a lubricant, like (name of lubricant?) on the exposed, sticky surface of the sticker. Keep spraying and pulling it back slowly, until the sticker comes off.

  1. Replace the headlight bulbs

The principal is mostly the same as replacing a bulb in your home. Just remember to wear gloves when handling the headlight bulbs, as the oil from your skin can cause the bulb to burnout before its time.

  1. Wash it yourself

Even the least technically minded driver can do this one.  Car shampoo, sponge, bucket, towel and away you go…. Bikini and MTV music video dance moves are optional.

  1. Get car insurance from King Price

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