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Scratch and dent insurance

08Nov 2018
King Price Scratch and dent insurance
Scratch and dent insurance cover

Cover for when your car needs a little TLC The king’s scratch and dent insurance covers minor repairs to the exterior of your car. It’s comforting car care for those mysterious little dings thathappen in parking lots, and those annoying spots of tar that stick like superglue. Our clients love it and so will you! […]

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05Sep 2018
3 reasons why scratch and dent insurance makes sense

Why on earth would you need scratch and dent insurance if you’ve chosen comprehensive cover for your car? That’s the question on everyone’s lips when they hear about scratch and dent cover. The king pondered this long and hard before deciding to launch this product and now we’re here to tell you the 3 main […]

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24May 2018
Keep your car good as new with scratch and dent insurance

Keep your car good as new with scratch and dent insurance Your car is at risk of being bumped, scraped and knocked. And that’s just when it’s sitting completely still in a parking garage, minding its own business. Never mind what could happen when you start reversing out the parking space and driving around… No […]

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