Car warranty insurance

Should you get a warranty, service plan or a maintenance plan?

We’ve got the low down on which is better


Basically, when you buy a new or a pre-loved set of wheels, your deal might include some sort of protection against unforeseen failures and the nasty little (and sometimes not so little) costs that go with it. Or you’ll be given the chance to add this protection into your package for an additional fee, which could be a super amazing thing to do because it can seriously hurt the old pocket to pay for repairs on your own.

The 3 types of protection typically on offer are a warranty, a service plan, and a maintenance plan. They all aim to do the same thing, but there are some subtle and not so subtle differences. Let us walk through each so that you can check which 1 is right for you.

The big daddy: The maintenance plan

A maintenance plan is the big cheese. It’s the most comprehensive out of all 3 and covers the most costs. The price of the plan is built into the car’s price tag.

What’s usually covered:

  • The cost of labour and parts of servicing your car.
  • The cost of replacing damaged or worn items, such as brake pads, wiper blades, globes and fuses etc.
  • The cost of mechanical items, like the exhaust system, the engine, the clutch, gearbox and electrical components.
  • It’s tough to say what isn’t covered, because this depends on who’s offering the plan, but generally your tyres, alignment, and windscreen aren’t included.

Verdict: Do you need it?

Ultimately, if it’s in your budget and you want to make sure that most expenses that go with keeping your previous baby in tip top condition are covered… Then get it.

But who really needs it? In our opinion, maintenance plans are best suited for expensive cars, especially expensive cars that you plan on selling sooner rather than later. Why? Well, expensive cars = expensive parts, and it’s at about the 90,000km mark (when you have the big service) that things start to fail.

But if your car is cheaper and you plan on keeping it for a solid couple of years, then a maintenance plan isn’t entirely necessary.

Still serviceable: The service plan

A service plan covers all the costs related to getting your car regularly serviced, which is super important when making sure that your car is in good working condition. A lot of the time, people don’t get their cars serviced because it doesn’t fit in with their budgets… So they skip it, which they wouldn’t do if it was already covered by their plan.

What’s usually covered:

  • The cost of all services done on your car up until a certain mileage point or a particular duration of time.
  • The cost of the labour and standard parts that are stipulated by your car’s manufacturer.
  • This isn’t comprehensive and doesn’t cover all parts, so things like glass, tyres, wheels, wheel alignment, accessories, and electrical wiring components aren’t covered.

Verdict: Do you need it?

Again, this is 1 of those products where if it’s in your budget and you want it… Then go for it. In our opinion, service plans are ideal for any 1 who has bought a car and wants to take the burden of paying to keep the blessed thing in good working order, off their shoulders.

Yup, we think that this is for any 1 and every 1 who has spent their hard-earned Rands and cents on a car of their own and wants to keep it going for as long as possible.

A good call: The warranty

A warranty is the most basic level of protection against car parts failing. It’s like a promise from your car’s manufacturer that the car you’ve bought from them won’t give you problems… And if it does, they’ll pay for the repairs or replacements. Most of the time, new cars are sold with a warranty.

What’s usually covered:

  • You can claim for car failures or malfunctions that occur, which are described in your warranty documents.
  • Your cover lasts for a set period of time or for a mileage limit, whichever comes first.
  • Your warranty is only valid if you get your car serviced or repaired by those officially authorised to do so.
  • You’ll find that tyres, normal wear and tear, dents, dings, stone chips to the paintwork and cracked windscreens, damage due to natural disasters or hail, fire, damages that occur due to negligence, accidents or collisions, and mechanical failures that happen because of hard driving aren’t covered.

Verdict: Do you need it?

We think of car warranties as financial safety nets that cover the cost of repairing or replacing car parts that conk out. Things like general or mechanical failure, which could be quite pricey to deal with.

The king’s solution

Not all of us can afford to buy a car with a warranty. Or if we did buy a car with a warranty, then we might not be able to extend it after it ends because of the expense.

Ring a bell? Well, the king has a solution: Super cheap car warranty cover. This covers the cost of repairs or replacements for your car’s parts if they fail unexpectedly, as well as the cost of labour. You don’t even have to be insured with us to get it. The most you have to do to qualify is be a permanent South African citizen and own a car with a full service history.

Got more questions or want to get straight down to a quote for car warranty cover? Give us a call on 0860 50 50 50 or click here for more info and we’ll call you right back.