Introducing… Super cheap motorbike insurance with R1 insurance for your gear

So, you have a 2-wheeler, you’ve got a serious helmet, your snazzy leathers make people around you stop and stare… What’s missing from your motorbike assemblage? Motorbike insurance, that’s what. This is, to put it bluntly, the most important motorbike accessory apart from safety gear and a valid SA driver’s licence, of course.

The king of insurance noticed that South Africans are quite into their bikes and decided to create a specific motorbike insurance offering that would cover the risks that riders face more often than drivers. This offering gives you more choice and access to unique savings.

Take a quick look at how we’ve changed motorbike insurance so that it makes more sense for you.

We give you more choice

Most insurers who offer motorbike insurance only give you the option to take out comprehensive cover. And for good reason, because comprehensive cover gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re covered for accident damage, theft and hi-jacking, and third party damage if you’re involved in a motorbike accident.

But what if you wanted a less expensive policy? What if your needs were a little different to everyone else’s? Well, we’ve got you covered with 3 additional options that cost a little less for a little less cover.

You can choose third party and theft, which covers theft, hi-jacking, and third party damages (but not damage to your own bike). Or you can choose third party only, to just cover your liability for third party injuries and damages. And then of course, you can cover theft only, to make sure that you get something back if your bike is hi-jacked or stolen.

We’ve changed a few important details

We’re sticklers for the details, because incorrect details = incorrect cover. Thankfully, we’re also pretty strong on making sure that you know about these details and are fully aware of how your cover works.

That’s why we need you to know that, first and foremost, our motorbike insurance only covers the person on your policy. We call this person the ‘named rider’. No 1 else is covered, including your spouse, cousin, or bestie.

You should also know that while we’ll insure any South African NATIS-registered motorbike, there are some that don’t qualify for cover.

Bikes that we do cover:

  • Naked superbikes.
  • Muscle bikes.
  • Touring bikes.
  • Super touring bikes.
  • Dual sport bikes.
  • Custom bikes.
  • Classic bikes.
  • 3-wheelers.

Bikes that we don’t cover:

  • Full off-road bikes.
  • Quad bikes.
  • Trail bikes.
  • Pit bikes.
  • Buggies and side-by-sides.
  • Hyper superbikes.

We’ll cover your motorbike gear for just R1 extra

Ask anyone who owns and rides a motorbike. The costs don’t stop at the bike. Nope, there’s also the helmet (skull survival cap), leathers, gloves, boots, and neck brace… After all, you can’t head out in a pair of shorts and hope that you’re magically able to withstand the wind and gravel.

To help protect these items from accidental damage, just add R1 insurance for motorbike gear. Yup, we’re not out to sting you for the extras, which is why you’ll only pay R1 a month to cover all accessories.

You can’t predict what could happen, but you can be prepared with the right motorbike insurance. Don’t take the risk, rather get a quick quote here or you can call our royal client care team on 0860 50 50 50, or even pop the king an email at [email protected]