Survive the aftermath of an accident


This is probably one of the worst sequences of events any car owner could ever imagine.

Not only does the aftermath of this sequence usually cause immense trauma (because let’s face it: your car is your baby), but it can also rip a hole in your pocket.

Here are some tips to make the aftermath of an accident a bit easier to survive:

  • Call the king (if you are capable, of course). Call 0860 50 50 50, so that we can assist you and ensure an authorised towing vehicle is dispatched and that emergency services are alerted (should it be necessary). Being in an accident is traumatic enough, you certainly don’t need to be subjected to more stress by having to pay for an unauthorised towing company towing your car away. Especially not if the king already has this covered.
  • You might want to call the necessary authorities, whether it be the traffic department, police or the fire department.
  • Call a friend, family member or your ever-so-nosey neighbour to come lend a hand. Try to keep in mind that the closer they are to you, the quicker they’ll get there.
  • Take down the details of any other parties involved in the accident. Or onlookers, that could potentially be witnesses. We don’t expect you to take down the details of all 200 people that are involved in a pile-up on the N1, but try and at least get the details of those closest to you. Try to verify that these details are correct while you are still at the accident scene.
  • Take photos. Lots and lots of photos. And no we’re not talking about “Selfies”. We’re talking about photos of the accident scene, the damages to your and the other car, the other driver’s licence and the other driver themselves. And don’t go pasting and posting these all over Facebook and Instagram either. These are just to serve as evidence and as a reference (should they be necessary).
  • Always keep a copy of the King Price Accident Form in your glove box. This form is designed with you in mind. The king’s already made sure that there is space for all the most important information that you’ll need when you need to report the accident and make a claim.
  • Remember that you need to open a case with the police within 24 hours of the accident taking place.


We know an accident is traumatic, but the claiming process doesn’t have to be. So after submitting your claim with us, within 30 days of the accident of course, kick back and try to relax.


The king’s got it from here!