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22Sep 2015
Why all parents should have insurance

When you’re expecting a baby, insurance isn’t usually top of mind. New parents’ heads are filled with cots, prams, cute little baby clothes and visions of having a new family member in the home. But wait, before you completely forgo the idea of taking a look at your insurance policies with fresh eyes, or taking out […]

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25Aug 2015
How to protect your home from a burglary

Most burglars are opportunistic criminals who will target homes that don’t have much security, or whose owners tend to be a little less cautious than others. In order to help ensure that you avoid falling victim to a burglary, here are some easy security steps to take:

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18Aug 2015
Celebrities with insured body parts

Let’s face it – celebrities are renowned for their beauty and their ‘superior’ body parts. This is why it doesn’t come as much of a surprise to find out that many of Hollywood’s elite have opted to insure their ‘best assets’ for millions of dollars. From Kim Kardashian’s bottom to Mariah Carey’s legs, let’s take […]

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14Aug 2015
The king’s on your console!

How many insurers do you know cool enough to make their debut in some of the hottest, new, online games on the market? Duh, just one.

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04Aug 2015
6 Of the strangest things ever stolen

We are all well aware of car theft and home burglaries. These crimes happen every single day, after all. But have you ever heard of criminals stealing things like copious amounts of beach sand or an entire bridge? Let us take a look at six of the strangest things that have ever been stolen.

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08Jul 2015
The 5 Biggest Insurance Mistakes you can Make

Buying insurance is so simple these days- it just takes a phonecall and BOOM, you have a policy. So it can be easy to forget that there are still pitfalls that could come back to bite you when the time comes to claim. Here are 5 common mistakes even the savviest insurance shoppers should try […]

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