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13Jul 2016
safest province
The safest province in SA to build, rent, or buy a house

The safest province to call home in South Africa The safest province to call home in South Africa – You want a home. Some place to call your very own. And before we burst into song, let’s just all agree that whether you’re looking for a quaint garden cottage or a sexy urban townhouse, that […]

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10Jun 2015
King Price Insurance Turns 3
3 Years young and going strong!

As you might have gathered from the cupcakes and balloons flying around our office the last week, King Price turned 3 on the 2nd of June. It’s been 3 amazing years since we turned the insurance industry upside down with our crazy ideas: like being the only insurer in South Africa (in the world, actually) […]

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03Jun 2015
The king’s journey…

Can you believe it’s only 3 years ago that King Price was launched? Yup, it was in 2012 (the same year The Avengers came out) that the noble king of price came to save South Africans from ridiculously high insurance premiums that only went one way…. Up. In that time we’ve overcome a few tricky […]

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12Mar 2015
The king's cab service for comprehensive car insurance clients
Hitch a ride with the king

We’ve all attended an awesome party, work function or date with friends, where the energy is electric, the liquor flowing, and no one wants the fun to end. Unfortunately, the night always winds down, guests leave and you slowly realise that it definitely isn’t a good idea to drive home.

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11Feb 2015
Stay connected with King Price online

Oh, how do we appreciate thee? Let us count the ways…. Since February is the time for focusing on relationships, we at the kingdom of King Price figured it would be a good time to remind you of all the ways that I stay connected with our valued clients (that’s you) online.

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14Jan 2015
Our royal family values

At King Price, we treat one another like family…. So yes, there is a lot of hair pulling and water balloon fighting, but it also means that there’s always a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on! On this week’s ‘a word from the king’, I want to share our family values with you.

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