The 5 things you’re most likely to lose

We carry a small army of possessions with us every day, from the invaluable (smartphones, wallets) to the inexplicably sentimental (that lucky pebble from your 1998 hiking trip, anyone?). Let’s peek into our pockets and bags and list the top 5 personal possessions we just can’t do without.

  • Smartphones: Let’s face it, these gadgets have become our lifelines, our personal assistants, and our ‘avoid-human-contact’ shields in public places.
  • Laptops/tablets: Your office, your scrapbook, your movie theatre, your diary (and more!) all rolled into 1. Ever tried to find your tablet in a messy room? It’s like a digital version of hide-and-seek.
  • Wallets/purses: Not only the home of your money and cards, but also the final resting place of countless loyalty cards, receipts, and that embarrassing photo from high school.
  • Watches/jewellery: The bling that elevates our style, holds emotional value and, occasionally, helps us tell the time.
  • Gym gear: The items that get to witness your gains and lifts in the gym. Your Garmin Vivoactive 4S Smartwatch may just go into overdrive with all your progress!


The risk of theft: It’s no joke

Despite our best efforts (and threats of eternal curses), theft happens. Those small shiny objects are just too tempting for some. From skilled pickpockets to opportunistic cookie-jar raiders, the risk of your valuables playing the disappearing act is real and frankly, quite nerve-wracking.

Your knight in shining armour

Fear not, fellow gadget lovers and gym bunnies! King Price’s portable possessions cover is here to assist you if your precious possessions fall into the wrong hands.

Providing cover for those items that leave home with you, King Price ensures they’re protected against theft, accidental damage, and sudden vanishing acts (wallet, we’re looking at you). It’s like a safety net, but with less circus and more peace of mind.

Life’s too short to constantly check your pockets or peek into your bag. We know you’re doing your best to look after your possessions, but we also realise that life happens. Ready for peace of mind? Get a commitment-free quote today and bask in the glorious sunshine of ‘I’m covered!’

The 5 things you’re most likely to lose
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The 5 things you’re most likely to lose
Got a fancy watch or a smartphone that's practically your lifeline? Discover what tops the chart of most-carried personal possessions and how to shield them from those pesky, light-fingered thieves with King Price's portable possessions insurance.
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