The king’s guide to a festive time

It all starts with the famous phrase: “just one drink”. And it almost always ends up being: 1 tequila, 2 tequila…you can’t find the door…3 tequila, 4 tequila… you’re lying on the floor… Many nights are unpredictable, unplanned and seem to have devastating effects (whether it’s on your wallet, your liver, or both). And the closer we get to the festive season, the more often they seem to happen.

We also know that you might feel like superman after the (more or less) fifth double brandy and coke, but driving home while you’re under any influence is not ayoba. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for having fun and getting in the festive spirit(s). But we prefer being festive in the most responsible way possible. This is why the king’s cab is available to all comprehensively insured members of the royal family.

What is the king’s cab?

The king’s cab is an optional service for car insurance clients that offers you your own personal chauffeur. If you are planning a night out, or you just happen to find yourself not sticking to ‘just 1 drink’, we will be at your service to take you and your car (the car listed on your King Price policy) home safely.

How does it work?

By adding a minimal cost to your monthly insurance premium, you will be able to summon the king’s cab 6 times per year. When you call on the king’s cab, 2 hand-picked knights in shining armour will come to your rescue. One will chauffer you home in your own car, while the other will go along to bring your driver back.

  • You can call 0860 50 50 50 (until 2:00am) to book your king’s cab. No one likes waiting around too long, so make sure that you book it no less than 2 hours before you want to be rescued, or 24 hours before during the busy festive season.
  • We know there are a lot of public holidays coming up and although they are the perfect opportunities for a night out, please make sure your booking for your king’s cab is made by 17:00pm the previous day.
  • If, for whatever reason, you need to cancel or reschedule your pick-up, you can call the same number. Make sure that you do so 2 or more hours before your scheduled pick-up. Last minute cancelations will, unfortunately, result in penalty fees being charged…and no one wants that…You’ve already got enough explaining to do.

Are you a social butterfly?

If your busy, jam-packed social calendar requires it, you are more than welcome to call on the king’s cab more than 6 times. Just keep in mind that you will be paying for the service yourself. You can still call 0860 50 50 50 to book these trips, but these extra fees will be charged directly to your credit card.

Be merry, be festive and have a great time… All without committing a crime. Do not fret and do not fear, the king’s cab is always here!