Top apps for your car

There are so many smart phone apps out there, that it can be hard to know which one is right for you, and which ones are just a waste of bandwidth.

The king’s been looking around on your behalf, and I’ve found the most useful and best priced apps for you to download that will help you make the most of your morning commute.

  1. Honk

Available for iOS for approx. R12.00, Honk answers one of the most important questions of our time…. Where did I park the car? Use a GPS pin to mark where your car is parked and simply follow your phone back to the spot when you realise you forgot where you parked. Click on learn more here to know about the best GPS for your vehicles.

  1. Waze

Available for free for Android and iOS, Google’s community traffic app doesn’t just direct you home. It lets you know when the robots are out, where the traffic jams are and even if there’s a road block up ahead.

  1. Car Minder Plus

This app will remind you when it’s time for a service, as well as logging your services and repairs. You’ll have to input the maintenance schedule yourself from the owner’s manual, but it’s worth it. You can manage multiple vehicles, and it’ll even track your car’s fuel economy. Available for approx. R36.60 for iOS

  1. Witness Driving

Dash cams are all the rage right now, and for good reason. Dash cams are a great way to protect yourself from insurance fraudsters, bad drivers and maybe even an undeserved ticket. Witness Driving converts your phone into a dash cam while you’re driving, and logs time, date, speed, location and acceleration for future reference. Available for iOS and Android for approx. R12.00.

  1. Car Dashdroid

Turn your skedonk into a technologically superior car worthy of Michael Knight. The Dashdroid allows you to use voice activated ‘OK Google’ commands, to make hands-free calls to your favourite contacts, or change your driving playlist. It also features a speedometer, a compass, a navigator and weather report. Available for free for Android.

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