Unleash your inner interior designer: Let’s upgrade your rented home

Welcome to your home sweet… Rented home! Just because you don’t own it doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own. With a little creativity, some DIY, and a few budget-friendly hacks, you can transform your rented space into a personalised haven, all while protecting your valuables with King Price’s affordable home contents cover. Let’s dive into some easy and fun upgrades.

Get creative with removable wallpaper and decals

Who said only homeowners get to pick the wallpaper? In the rental world, removable wallpaper and decals are the secret sauce to an upgraded look. With countless designs and patterns, you can spice up a dull wall or even create a feature wall that screams ‘you’. And the best part? When it’s time to move, just peel them off with zero damage!

Swap out hardware for instant glam

Bored of the generic knobs and handles? Changing these tiny details can make a massive difference to your rental home’s appearance. Swapping out old hardware with new, stylish pieces from the kitchen to the bathroom gives an instant facelift without breaking the bank.

Layer with rugs and throw pillows

Rugs and throw pillows are like the accessories of a room. They can truly pull a look together. You can experiment with colours, textures and patterns to add warmth, depth and style to any room. Plus, they provide the added benefit of protecting your floors and furniture.

Invest in flexible furniture and storage

When renting, space is often at a premium. Invest in flexible furniture pieces that provide storage and function, like an ottoman that also serves as a coffee table and storage space. You’ll appreciate the added space and keep your guests guessing where you store all your homeware!

Make the most of your lighting

Lighting can dramatically change the mood of a room. With some strategic placement of lamps, fairy lights, or LED strips, you can add a layer of ambiance and comfort to your rental home. Remember, it’s the little things that turn a house into a home.

Home contents cover: The must-have upgrade

While you’re busy upgrading your rented space, don’t forget about protecting what’s inside. Unforeseen incidents can strike anytime, and that’s where King Price comes in. Our affordable home contents cover means your prized possessions are covered against loss, theft and damage.

Ultimately, it’s about making your rented house feel like a home, a place of comfort, style, and safety. And who says you can’t do it on a budget?

So, if you’re a tenant looking to upgrade your rented home, why not start with the 1 upgrade that protects most of the others? Get a commitment-free quote from King Price today, and let’s help protect the things that make your house a home. You’ll be surprised how affordable peace of mind can be.

Unleash your inner interior designer: Let’s upgrade your rented home
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Unleash your inner interior designer: Let’s upgrade your rented home
Discover simple, affordable, and fun upgrades to transform your rented home into a personal haven, all while protecting your valuables with King Price's affordable home contents cover. Get a commitment-free quote today!
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