update insurance

Updating your insurance policy information

Incorrect details mean incorrect cover, and when it comes to insurance, it’s as simple as that. Imagine how you’d look if you tried to claim for damage on your home and, in our books, your address is different. It’s awkward… And kind of a big deal breaker.

As service providers, we know that life sometimes gets in the way of these kinds of things. But, keeping your information updated not only ensures that you’re covered, it can drop your monthly payment rate too.

King Price is on your side

Think about it like this: you may one day decide to sell your material possessions, like your jewellery and mobile devices. And, just like that self-help book said, it might make you a better person. It could also take a big chunk of change off your premium and go towards that life-changing pilgrimage to India.

However, if you don’t pick up the phone, dial 0860 50 50 50 and let us know, your trip is going to have to wait.

Or how about this scenario:

Your beloved housemate of several years has decided to re-locate into a place of their own. As sad as it may be to see your ‘partner in crime’ move on, this decision is certainly going to influence the insurance rate you’ve been paying. However, when you update your policy and remove all of their belongings, you can buy yourself several consolatory ice-creams with the extra cash to make yourself feel better.

And that’s just home contents insurance. We cover a lot more than that. For instance, if you know that you’re going to buy a new car on a certain date, give us a call. It can even be before you make the purchase. This ensures that the day you drive away in that zooty new number, it’s already covered. Done and dusted.

If some idiot later drives straight into you, the policy won’t still be under that old jalopy you owned, which, sorry to say, renders that cover invalid. Sad but true.

Your choice, our pleasure

As we like to accumulate possessions, it’s important for every one of them to be specified in your inventory form. We’d hate for that amazing one-of-a-kind, overly priced lamp or couch to suffer a fate that it’s financially unprotected against. In fact, why not simply review what’s covered and not covered by the king every couple of months to make the necessary adjustments before any accidents happen?

We’re super cheap and proud of it

Committing yourself to an insurance policy is a 2 way street. Sure, King Price offers comprehensive cover with mind-blowingly low premiums, but your policy details must be up to date- it’ll only take a few minutes over the phone, or a quick email!