Not covered by Fire Insurance

What fire insurance doesn’t cover

It can be a bit dull to explore the terms of an insurance contract and weed through all the info just to discover the ins and outs of how fire insurance for your business works. It can also be confusing. But we know very well how crucial it is for you to know these details. Specifically, we understand how important it is to take note of what is… And what isn’t covered.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to divvy out important pieces and unpack them for you. If you’d like a snapshot into what is covered, then just head over here. Right here though, we’re tackling what isn’t covered. In plain English, just the way you like it.

Here’s what’s actually covered

The king’s fire cover doesn’t insure specific conditions of loss or damage to your business’ property, even under the optional extras that you may choose to buy. Before we explain these conditions and causes that aren’t covered, we must first stress the fact that fire insurance doesn’t cover your motor or electronic equipment. These items must be insured under the relevant sections (unless they’re part of your ‘stock in trade’).

Without further ado, here’s what’s not covered by the king.

Loss or damage caused by:

  • Exposure from any heating, drying or water process.
  • Any tsunami or tidal wave resulting from an earthquake.
  • The underground workings of a mine.
  • Goods left in the open (unless they were designed to be in the open, of course).
  • Structures that aren’t completely roofed.
  • Volume changes in clay-based soil or rock that’s caused by changes in moisture or water content.
  • Design or construction building defects.
  • Building defects where the structure wasn’t approved by the relevant local authorities at the time of construction.
  • Retaining walls, drains or constructed water courses.

Loss or damage also isn’t covered if:

  • Your business’ property is insured by any marine policy, except in excess of the amount which would’ve been payable under the marine policy, had this insurance not been affected.
  • The demolition cover portion of your policy doesn’t cover any costs or expenses from removing debris, except from the site destroyed or damaged, and the area immediately next to the site.

Here’s why you should choose our royal business insurance

Our expert business insurance team will work through your broker to make sure that your business is insured against all the risks that a fire can wreak on your money-maker.

Part of this service is to ensure that you have a decent working knowledge of your cover so that you can experience maximum peace of mind while you focus on turning your business into the next empire. Don’t worry if you don’t already have a broker, because we’ll put you in touch with an experienced, on-the-ball professional who is best suited to you and your business.

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