What to do if you hit an animal with your car

For many animal lovers, it’s their worst nightmare- hitting an animal with their car. But it can and sadly does happen, very often. Both domestic and wild animals are regularly hit by cars, and even when the accident does not prove fatal, it can be very traumatic for the animal- and the people-involved.

Here’s what to do if you ever accidentally hit an animal with your car.

  1. Stop the car as soon as it is safe

There might be other drivers on the road, or you might be in a dark or unsafe area. Make sure you, your passengers and any other motorists will be safe before stopping to investigate.

Be cautious also of road rage incidents- if you have hit someone’s pet or livestock, they might be extremely angry.

  1. If the animal is alive, call the NSPCA

You’ll need to contact the regional NSPCA where you’ve had the accident. They might not be able to assist you directly, but will let you know a list of emergency vets in the area who should be able to assist.

If the animal is a pet and has been microchipped, a vet will be able to immediately locate the details of its owner and contact them.

Don’t attempt to treat the animal yourself (unless you are a qualified vet). The animal might be injured and scared, and could lash out and hurt you.

  1. If the animal is dead, report it to the local police

You aren’t legally required to report hitting an animal, unless you want to claim for damage caused during the accident…

But if the animal did belong to someone, they would appreciate being able to find out what happened, especially if you suspect that it might be someone’s pet.  It’s the right thing to do.

  1. If you find a dead animal on the road…

And cannot find any identifying features, or if the carcass of a large animal is obstructing traffic, you should call the local municipality to remove the remains.

Remember, very large animals like buck or cows can also cause collisions, but these are also far more likely to be fatal to the driver and passengers of the car as well. Always take precautions at animal crossings, and slow to a stop when cows or wildlife are on national roads.

If, during the collision, your car is damaged, call us on 0860 50 50 50 to get the king’s Roadside or Medical Assistance (if your car is undriveable, or if you, or one of your passengers, has been injured).

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