What to do when someone else hits your car

Is there anything worse that comes with the shame and the overwhelming sensation of sheer idiocy of klapping your own bumper into a pole, or a fence, or a wall, or…. You get the idea.

Yes, actually, there is. That’s the sheer indignation of having someone else smack into you at a great speed.

You will be shocked, upset, maybe angry…. But the first few minutes following an accident that wasn’t your fault are crucial to making sure that your car will get repaired without your wallet being affected.

Here are a few quick things to keep in mind if you are ever involved in an accident which is not your fault:

  1. Get all of their digits

Make sure that you have the King Price accident form, or at least a pen and paper, tucked away inside your cubby hole for just such an occasion. You need to get all of the other party’s information, and to be polite, you should give them all of yours as well. These details will be used later to retrieve moola to fix your wheels from their insurance company. A company who, we are sure, are very nice in their own way (maybe it’s even us), but are still liable for paying for any damage you have sustained.

  1. Stay calm

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, and you certainly won’t get another opportunity to keep your cool after an accident. Your first priority is to make sure that all of the drivers and passengers concerned are physically unharmed. If someone needs medical attention, see to them first. Call your insurance company’s emergency assist line (King Price’s is 0860 50 50 50), or 10111 (or 112 on a cell phone) to organise emergency medical treatment.

It’s a good idea to have all your important emergency numbers already saved onto your cellphone, so you don’t have to search for them in an actual emergency.

After this has been handled, you can calmly exchange insurance details to see to the rest of the damage.

  1. Do not admit fault

Let’s say that the person who hit you, or whom you hit, is really, just so super nice about the whole thing. Maybe you feel a little guilty for indicating late, or maybe you just want to make them feel better about hitting you…. Do NOT , under any circumstances, admit any kind of fault or place any kind of blame. Just exchange details and let your insurance companies duke it out later. That’s why you pay your monthly premium, remember.

Even if you think that you and your fellow car accident particpant had a real spark, and you really, really want to see them again, you’re just going to have to wait for fate to make you bump in to one another again (hopefully you won’t be in your cars this time).

  1. Report it to the cops

Aw, man….We hear you whine…. Why do I have to go and report it to the cops, I’m not the one who did anything wrong!

Too bad, so sad. Unfortunately it was still your car and it is still your responsiblity to report the accident to the police, and to then give us a ring with your AR (accident report) number, so that we can file and complete your claim.

Besides, going to the police station wil give you an opportunity to make friends with some boys in blue. Maybe you’ll get on really well, and then maybe you’ll all go and hang out one night, and drive past your ex’s house with the siren on….Probably not, but it doesn’t hurt to dream , right?