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Car Insurance Quotes
13Aug 2014

Who’s driving?

When you call the king to get a quote for car insurance, you’ll notice that we ask you, “who is the regular driver?”

What we mean by this is not, “who is the most normal out of all the drivers that you know?”, after all, we know that most of our clients and staff are very, very far from ‘normal’ (and we like it that way).

No, you see, we need to know who is going to be driving the car most often… Is it you, your wife, or your ‘Fast and Furious’ addicted teenage son?

The reason we need to know this is because your monthly premium is calculated based on the individual risk profile presented by the person who drives the car most often. We need to know whether the regular driver has had any endorsements on their licence, their licence code, if they have had any car accidents in the last little while, how old they are and what they will be using the car for in order to keep the car fully and properly covered.

If you tell us that the person who usually drives the car is your 60 year old, retired dad, who just reverses it out of the garage every weekend to wash it, then the regular driver falls into a very different risk profile than your 19-year old son who fancies himself the next Vin Diesel and uses the car to deliver pizza on the weekends.

You need to tell us who’s driving and what they’re using the car for, because if (touch wood) something should happen and the regular driver turns out to not be who you said it was, well…. Things are going to get really tricky when it comes time to claim… in fact, it can actually result in your entire claim being rejected.  And we don’t want that any more than you do!

So here’s the deal…. You keep it real, honest and 100% truthful with us at all times and we promise (cross our hearts, pinky swear) to do the same.

Do you need to update the regular driver on your policy? No problem, just send us an email, [email protected] and we’ll update your policy quicker than you can say “royal service with a smile”.

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