Fidelity insurance

You can't trust everyone the way you trust the king

In a nutshell

You place your trust in your employees every day… After all, they're your biggest asset. But, 1 bad apple can spoil the whole barrel. In this case, you can count on the king. While we can't fix the bitter taste your bad apples leave behind, King Price fidelity insurance covers you for dishonest and unlawful actions by employees that could harm your business' finances or reputation.

  • Recovery of losses.
  • Controls, checks and balances.
  • Your accounting records.
  • Previous employees.

Loss or damage of property due to or caused by

  • Events that occurred more than 24 months before discovery of the loss.
  • Losses discovered more than 12 months prior to cancellation of this section, cancellation of cover in respect of a specified employee or position or termination of employment of an employee/employees.
  • Dishonest personal gain by an employee in the form of salary or other income.
  • Consequential losses.
  • Your business partner (where they will benefit from payment under this policy), your principal, director or member (unless they're also your employee), an employee (from the time you became aware of their theft, fraud or dishonesty).
  • Any company or other legal entity acquired during your period of cover.
  • Where the loss is a result of the dishonest manipulation of, input into, suppression of input into, destruction of, or alteration of a computer program, system, data or software by an insured employee in that area.
  • Computer losses.
  • Costs of recovery.
  • Retroactive cover (previous insurance in force; no previous insurance in force; or previous insurance with an extended period).