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Glass insurance

If your current insurance is as fragile as glass, change to King Price for comprehensive glass cover

In a nutshell

While broken glass may not seem like an expensive commodity to replace, speciality glass can be costly. If the glass on your business premises breaks, we can't promise you won't have 7 years of bad luck (sorry), but we'll turn your frown upside down by making sure it's replaced ASAP.

  • The reasonable cost of the necessary boarding up.
  • Damages to shop fronts, frames, window displays, and burglar alarm strips, wires and vibrators.
  • The cost of removal and reinstallation of fixtures and fittings.
  • The cost of security guards prior to the replacement of the glass, the boarding up, or the repair of the burglar alarm system.
  • Loss or damage insured by any fire insurance policy (unless you're responsible for the glass as a tenant).
  • Glass forming part of ‘stock in trade'.
  • Damage that existed before your cover under this section started.
  • Defacement or damage (other than fracture) through the entire thickness of the glass or its laminate.
  • Special replacement (up to a maximum stated on your policy schedule).
  • Riots and strikes.

Why choose King Price

Best for your business and best for brokers

Proactive claims service

We have a team of claims specialists at your disposal, every step of the way. Our teams for underwriting, new business and claims are dedicated to delivering royal service to give you peace of mind cover. We keep you up to date and in the loop during the entire process.

Competitive premiums

Price is king, bottom line. And in business we understand that this is extra important. We also understand that your company is unique. You deserve the best possible premium with absolutely no compromise on the cover given... Same insurance cover, just cheaper.


Your business isn’t just a number. That's why our royal family aims to build a personal relationship with you. We do this by staying focused and showing real passion and enthusiasm in our business with you, your clients and the industry. This allows us to build a culture of promise, royal service and affordable cover.

Strong relationships

Your business is our business, and that's why we offer more than just insurance. We take your side and our partnerships very seriously. We believe in building an open, clear and honest relationship that enables the development of successful collaboration with our kingly clients.


As 1 of the fastest growing independent insurers, King Price has all the right connections to keep you connected to success. We're supported by the big guys, in the form of incredible investors and a staunch reinsurer. And, we always aim to deliver the best service to everyone… The big guys, the little guys, and you.

Rapid response

Time is money, and making money is your business. That's why King Price offers royal service in the blink of an eye. We service your needs with the right team, expertise and understanding… Without compromising on quality or value. As part of our family, you'll have royal service at your beck-and-call.

Get the cover your business deserves. Leave your name and number at the top of the page and 1 of our kingsmen will call you back as soon as you're available. You can also talk to your broker about getting cover that suits your business best.