Goods in transit insurance

Make sure your goods are covered while they're on the move

In a nutshell

When a pothole hits your delivery van that's full of precious cargo, you need comprehensive cover with a no-holes policy. King Price knows that transport damage and theft happen all-too-often, whether the goods are in your own motor, or being transported by your business fleet or professional carriers. With the king's cover, this damage won't slow down your business.

  • All risks: You're covered for the loss of, or damage to, goods in transit that belong to you or for which you're responsible. We'll cover you whether the cause is an accident or incident and we'll pay fire extinguishing charges (as long as the cause isn't excluded by King Price).
  • Fire, explosion, collision, derailment and overturning only.
  • Fire, explosion, collision, derailment and theft and hi-jack only.

Loss or damage of property due to or caused by

  • Wear and tear or gradual deterioration (unless following an incident or accident for which you can claim).
  • Mechanical, electronic or electrical breakdown, failure, breakage or derangement (unless following an incident or accident for which you can claim).
  • Livestock being transported.
  • Goods that aren't properly secured or covered with canvas while in transit.
  • Loss, delay, loss of market, depreciation or changes brought about by natural causes (unless following an incident or accident for which you can claim).
  • An accident where the insured motor isn't roadworthy or carrying a load that exceeds its capacity (unless otherwise stated on your policy schedule).
  • Incurred while you (or someone with your consent or knowledge) are under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs, drive the motor without being licensed to do so or don't have a valid professional driving permit, have an endorsed licence, or unlawfully leave the scene of an accident.
  • Loss of, or damage to, cash, bank and currency notes, coins, bonds, coupons, stamps, negotiable instruments, title deeds, manuscripts or securities of any kind.
  • Theft from an unattended motor (with exceptions and conditions as stated on your policy schedule).
  • Inherent vice or defect, vermin, insects, damp, mildew or rust.
  • Dishonesty by you, your principal, partner, member, director or employee acting alone or in collusion.
  • Detention, confiscation or requisition by customs or other officials or authorities.
  • While in transit by sea or inland waterway.
  • Breakdown of refrigeration equipment.
  • Debris removal.
  • Fire extinguishing charges.
  • Riot and strike.