Machinery breakdown insurance

Businesses can lose big if machinery breaks down… Luckily, the king's got your back

In a nutshell

Machines are an integral part of any manufacturing or production process. If that's your business, you'll find it hard to be productive without your machines. Luckily, King Price can fix you up with machinery breakdown cover that'll have you going again in no time at all. Our machinery breakdown insurance provides cover for unforeseen and sudden damage to the insured machinery on your premises.

  • Unforeseen and sudden physical damage to the insured property while on the premises… For either replacement value, market value or agreed value from any cause not excluded by King Price.
  • Additional cover, which could include dismantling, re-erection, transportation, removal of damaged property and (where applicable) duties and VAT… As stated on your policy schedule.
  • Architects and other professional fees.
  • Average (we cover the insured property to the value for which you insured it).
  • Capital additions.
  • Clearing costs.
  • Express delivery and overtime.
  • Direct or indirect loss of, or damage to, exchangeable tools, parts that by their nature suffer a high rate of wear and tear, glass objects, belts, ropes, wires, rubber tyres and operating media.
  • Loss or damage covered under the king's fire section.
  • Loss or damage for which a supplier, contractor or repairer is responsible (by law or under contract).
  • Loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by faults or defects of which you were aware (at the time of commencement of this section).
  • Loss or damage as a direct consequence of the continual influence of operation.
  • Damage resulting from misapplication, experimentation, overhauls or tests of equipment requiring the imposition of abnormal conditions.