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Maintenance plan management

When we manage your MRRP, your buildings and budget are always in great shape

In a nutshell

Managing agents are perfectly placed to deal with routine and emergency maintenance issues, and King Price community insurance is perfectly placed to project manage all the planned capital works and long-term maintenance jobs that are identified in your maintenance, repair and replacement plan (MRRP). Together we can!

We're really good at this

With our legal, operational and financial expertise, and because we're involved from start to finish, nothing escapes our scrutiny... When we manage your 10-year MRRP we make sure that your community's managing agent, body corporate, trustees, unit owners and residents all have all the right info, at the right time, to make the best decisions and keep your community immaculate and compliant, all the time.

Different kinds of maintenance

Your managing agent deals with what we call 'event based' maintenance... All the day-to-day fix-its, and the unscheduled repairs and replacements that are sometimes needed in emergency situations... Like after a lightning strike, for example.

King Price community insurance has all the expertise to deal with the 'time based' maintenance That's highlighted in the MRRP that we prepare for you. Because we have a network of experienced planners and project managers, expert suppliers, costing and supply chain management expertise, industry-leading technology, and a single point of contact to keep every 1 connected, we can get the job done quickly, cost-effectively, compliantly and with the least possible disruption to your community.

We're big... But not simply for the sake of saying it

Our size in the market gives us purchasing power, means that we can harness economies of scale to reduce your costs, and enables us to negotiate preferential rates and pass the savings on.

And, the fact that we work with a pre-approved supply chain means that we can monitor the quality of the work we do for you. All our contractors are bound to service level agreements that are revisited regularly. Every month we compile detailed cost/saving reports and supplier performance reports, and we also review our suppliers and test the markets annually, to ensure continued value-for-money for you.

Please note: While we're able to source specialised suppliers for each project we undertake for you, we're also flexible enough to manage your scheme's existing supply chain if we need to.

Here's what we can do for you

We promise 3 things when we undertake to manage long-term maintenance for our clients... Firstly, we know what the law says and we'll never compromise your compliance. Secondly, we have an integrated approach to performance management, so any works we undertake for you are optimised for quality, speed and price.

And thirdly, our project management tools and skills are top-notch because we:

  • Plan and co-ordinate all your major capital works.
  • Select contractors, supervise their work and certify their payments.
  • Prepare tender/quotation documents, including drawings and specifications.
  • Pre-qualify contractors to simplify the tender/quotation process.
  • Receive tenders/quotations, handle enquiries, analyse the submissions and make recommendations to your body corporate.
  • Assist with post-tender negotiations if these are needed and are in your interest.
  • Liaise with contractors.
  • Prepare contract documents and help with determining owners' contributions to maintenance costs, if necessary.
  • Submit a site supervision plan that covers the site inspection arrangements.
  • Manage health and safety compliance in alignment with OHSAS 18001 certification.
  • Supervise and report on the quality of the works, in accordance with the approved site supervision plan.
  • Report on the progress of the works.
  • Communicate with your unit owners and body corporate.
  • We advise on variation of works, if necessary, and prepare cost estimates for these.
  • Process applications for interim payments and claims from contractors.
  • Certify substantial completion of work and compile 'faults lists' for fixing during the defects liability period.
  • Monitor the progress and quality of work on the 'faults list' and issue a certificate of completion before the end of the defects liability period.
  • Keep records of when maintenance is done and what work is carried out.
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