Maintenance access service

Maintenance access service

We take the stress out of domestic maintenance situations

In a nutshell

Your managing agent probably maintains your community scheme's common areas, while unit owners are responsible for keeping their sections ship-shape. But, while managing agents are qualified to deal with brick-and-mortar issues, owners often aren't. So, to help, our maintenance access service is automatically included when you insure your buildings with the king and also when we manage your 10-year maintenance, repair and replacement plan (MRRP).

It's all about the owners

Every year, unit owners typically spend between 0.5% and 4.0% of their unit's value on repairs and maintenance... Imagine if you told them that you could reduce this amount!

You can save real money when you recognise and repair small things before they turn into big things… This is why your managing agent stays on top of maintaining your scheme's common property. It's also why we've developed the king's care maintenance access service, which puts unit owners in touch instantly with the right repair-men at the right time, anytime. This enables owners to stay on top of the maintenance needs of their private sections.