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Maintenance solutions overview

We offer 3 maintenance products to address your community's unique needs

In a nutshell

We're in the business of insurance, but our business is also making sure that your buildings' risks are maintained, minimised and managed... So that your residents aren't inconvenienced, endangered or financially affected by incidents that could have been avoided.

Our maintenance products work together or singly to address your community's unique needs:

  • Our maintenance access service puts your unit owners in touch with quality maintenance professionals when they need them, so that their sections are always in line with your community's common areas.
  • Our MRRP looks after the legal, budgeting, logistical and supply chain management requirements of long-term maintenance for your community's common areas.
  • Our maintenance plan management means that we work with your managing agent to implement your MRRP efficiently and cost-effectively.

We offer maintenance best practice:

  • We make sure your community scheme is maintained to the highest standards, which positively impacts cost control and loss prevention, ultimately leading to reduced insurance premiums.
  • We prevent the premature breakdown of mechanical systems and can prolong the 'useful life' of virtually every system in your community by predicting when potential repairs or replacements are required. Keeping everything running smoothly is good news for your entire community because, as we know, happy residents = happy community.
  • We assist you to budget more effectively... Which means that your community will run smoothly and your residents won't have to cough up for unexpected costs.
  • We maintain or increase the value of your buildings through careful, regular inspections and maintenance. This means that your residents' property values will remain market-related, and will make them very happy indeed.

So... Don't go at it alone

Creating, implementing and monitoring a complete maintenance programme for your community, means taking all the legal, financial, operational, technical and other factors into account... And it can be tricky. This is why we have experienced professionals at your beck and call. we'll work with your managing agent to create, and then implement, a long-term, actionable plan for all the maintenance your community is going to need.

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