Community insurance


1 platform for all your community needs

In a nutshell

Meet your community scheme’s new best friend, Felix. Felix enables a connected community through a complete underwriting, claims admin and repairs solution for your scheme’s value chain. Together, the king and Felix are like the neighbours you’ve always dreamed of having… You know the neighbours who don’t complain about noise, water your pot plants while you’re away and always have extra sugar on hand for your baking emergencies…

Hi there, Felix

Felix is a community platform designed to meet the unique needs of:

  • Brokers.
  • Managing agents.
  • Our claims and underwriting departments.
  • Service providers.
  • Trustees and homeowners.

Felix can be accessed by brokers, managing agents and other role players in the community scheme industry, as long as they have valid log-in credentials. If you need access, our team will point you in the right direction.

If there’s an emergency and you as a tenant or homeowner can’t get hold of your broker or managing agent, you’re more than welcome to give us a call, even if it’s after hours.

Phone 0860 11 11 07

Felix is brought to you in partnership with Pragma. Their understanding and extensive experience in developing customised asset management strategies became the footprint of our kingdom’s claims management system. It’s made it possible for us to determine accurate risk profiles which often means lower premiums for you.