Electronic equipment

Just hit 'enter' to cover your electronic equipment

In a nutshell

This insurance covers you for the accidental loss of, or damage to, the electronic equipment that’s stated on your policy schedule. You can also choose to add cover for increased cost of working and re-instatement of data due to consequential loss.

Material damage

You’re covered for the loss of, or damage to, electronic equipment that belongs to, or is leased by, you and that’s stated on your policy schedule, due to any cause that’s not excluded, while it’s on your insured premises, at any other short term or temporary premises, or in transit.

Partial loss

You’re covered for damage to the insured property, limited to the costs and expenses reasonably and necessarily incurred to restore the property to its working condition immediately before the damage, including the costs for dismantling and re-erection, as well as ordinary freight and customs dues.

Total loss

You’re covered for the cost of re-instating the insured property to its as-new condition.