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Machinery breakdown

If your machinery breaks down, we’ll help get it up and running again

In a nutshell
Machinery breakdown covers you for sudden and unforeseen damage to the machinery that’s listed on your policy schedule, whether or not it’s in use at the time of the incident leading to a claim, and while it’s being dismantled, moved or re-erected to be cleaned, inspected, repaired or installed elsewhere at your premises. There’s also optional cover for deterioration of stock that’s a result of your machinery breaking down.

What’s covered by the king

A. Machinery breakdown
Covers sudden and unforeseen damage to the machinery that’s described on your policy schedule.

B. Machinery consequential loss
Covers interruptions to, or interference with, your business due to damage defined in A.

Optional cover

C. Deterioration of stock
Covers deterioration or contamination of stock in refrigerated or temperature-controlled environments, as a result of damage defined in A.

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