R1 insurance for your bicycle

Link your comprehensive car cover to R1 insurance for your bicycle

In a nutshell

Bike or bicycle, call it what you will, but make sure you insure it for just R1 monthly, which you can do when you also comprehensively insure a car with King Price.

Here’s the spin

If you insure more than 1 car with King Price, you can also insure your golf clubs and hearing aid for this crazy price... 2 cars = 2 × R1 insurance items; 3 cars = 3 × R1 insurance items; and so on. Get it? Good!

So, if the thought of being without your bicycle makes your wheels fall off, insure it with us and we’ll make sure it’s repaired or replaced, pronto.

Pedal power

Cycling, whether it’s on-road or off, gives you a good workout. Good for you! But now let’s do some cardio for your grey matter. According to our stats, people say that insuring a bicycle that’s worth between R25,000 and R35,000 could set you back around R138 every month. Worth it? Yes! But, what if it could be less? A lot less… Just R1 every month, to be exact. The good news is that it can! But only with the king of price!

How does R1 insurance work?

Well, we’ll pay out 1 claim for your bicycle if it gets lost or stolen and after that we’ll continue to cover the replacement bicycle at an adjusted premium that’s based on your personal risk profile. Sadly, our R1 premium won’t apply in this case.

Also, your car insurance premium will decrease every month but your bicycle premium, understandably, won't.

You can get the king’s R1 cover for bikes that are worth R50,000 or less. If your wheels are worth more than that, we’ll cover it as a portable possession.