Camera insurance

Get your camera and all your photography equipment covered by the king

In a nutshell

Do you live to capture those special moments? Then losing your camera is totally unthinkable… This is why the king and his court strive to replace your camera as quickly as possible if anything should happen to it. By 'camera' we mean any camera, video camera, photographic equipment or device that you, or any current member of your household, use to take photos or videos, and that you carry around with you.

Capture those moments

This super cheap insurance not only covers you for the potential loss of, or damage to, your camera and photographic equipment, alongside all of your other portable possessions, but also comes with our royal service in 1 neat little package... Sounds like the perfect picture, right?

It is! Place your camera and photographic equipment under the protection of the king by clicking below to get a quick quote… Or submit your details above and 1 of the king’s consultants will get back to you.