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Looking for Smart insurance that comes at a smarter price? Tech toys have become a huge part of our lives in both work and play, and while the world won't stop if your laptop, iPad or tablet device is damaged or stolen, yours may feel like it might! That is, until you manage to repair or replace the damaged gadget, which always ends up costing more than you bargained for.

Now that's not something any of us want to deal with... Ever! That's why the king's got you covered, at premiums more affordable than you think! In fact, they're super cheap and come with the award-winning service you deserve.

In a nutshell By 'laptop' we mean a portable microcomputer, notebook, hand-held pocket PC, personal computer, iPad or tablet device.

Please make sure that it's listed as a 'specified' item under your portable possessions insurance on your policy schedule, and that it's insured for the full replacement value. Once this is done and dusted, you'll be able to sit back and relax, knowing we've got your back.

Don't wait. Start saving today! Click on the quote button below, or simply submit your details at the top of the page, and 1 of the king's men will get back to you shortly.

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