R1 insurance for your motorbike gear

Link your comprehensive motorbike cover to R1 insurance for your motorbike gear

In a nutshell

Motorbikes are known for slipping past traffic with ease. 1 thing they’re not known for: Safety. That’s why the king now insures your motorbike gear for just R1 monthly when you comprehensively insure your motorbike. Your safety is our concern, always.

Can you handle this

You polish and shine your 2-wheeled baby and insure it in case disaster strikes… But what about your gear? That helmet of yours is pretty important (the life-saving kind of important). So doesn’t it deserve the same kind of cover?

Well, when you comprehensively insure your bike with the king, you can give your riding gear the affordable cover it deserves!

Here’s the kicker

So here’s the deal: If you insure your motorbike gear separately on your insurance policy, you’ll be forking over R56.74 a month. That’s R680.88 a year! Now, we don’t know about you but paying R1 a month seems like a much better deal to us.

When you add the king’s R1 insurance to your bike policy, your gear’s covered to the value of R10,000. So that means, if you want to cover your helmet (R2,000) riding boots (R2,000), leather jacket (R3,000) and leather pants (R3,000) you can! As long as all your gear fits into that R10,000 bracket, we’ll cover it under R1 insurance.

If your gear’s value exceeds R10,000, we’ll specify it separately on your policy to ensure you’re properly covered. We’ve got your back!

How does R1 insurance work?

Well, we’ll pay out 1 claim for your motorbike gear if it gets lost or stolen and after that we’ll continue to cover the replacement gear, but at a premium that’s linked to your insurance risk profile.