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Car Insurance Quotes

Personal insurance

Cover your stuff with the king of insurance

Car insurance

We're the only insurer in South Africa that decreases your premiums monthly as the value of your car depreciates... And, we give you discounts when you cover 2+ cars. We also offer royal roadside and emergency benefits.

Buildings insurance

Price is king... Especially when you're insuring your castle. We cover your buildings so you don't have to worry about the roof over your head (or the floor under your feet, or the foundation under that).

Home contents insurance

Some people call this household insurance... But we know it's about all the special things that make your house a home. So, from your toddler's toys, to your antique tea-pots, to your brand-new cinema-sized screen, we've got it covered.

Portable possessions

Having royal insurance for your precious portable possessions is like having a personal bodyguard from the king's court following you around... Wherever you are, we're right there with you!

Motorbike insurance

Motorbike insurance

Our comprehensive motorbike insurance covers accident damage, theft, hi-jacking and liability. We also cover some things that no 1 else does, and we offer R1 insurance for your gear!

Trailer insurance

Get hitched to the best deal on trailer insurance! Whether it's a trailer just like the Venters have, a camper, or a custom-build for your bikes or boat, we know that you don't want to worry about it (or what it's carrying).

Caravan insurance

The king of price covers your caravan, and its contents, too. And, we're always working, even when you're taking a break... So your home-on-the-go is always covered.

R1 insurance

When you insure your car or motorbike with the king, we'll cover some of your favourite things for just R1 monthly. That's right... Just R1 gets you cover for your Apple Watch, golf clubs, bicycle, hearing aid or motorbike gear!

Car warranty

Our royal car warranty cover ensures that car parts that break are repaired or replaced… So that your car's back on the road swiftly and without damaging your bank balance.

Scratch & dent insurance

This covers minor repairs to the exterior of your car… Like those mysterious little dings that happen in parking lots, and those annoying spots of tar that stick like superglue.

Credit shortfall insurance

This covers the difference between what your car is worth at the time of being written-off, stolen or hi-jacked, and what you may still owe the financial institution for it, including any balloon payment or residual value.