Our flawsome culture

Witness a 1-of-a kind culture driven by fun, a little madness and a lot of purpose.

Life in our kingdom

While we’re known by most as the insurer with a flair for turning the world of insurance on its head with our decreasing premiums, we’re also known for our Google-like culture. From ping pong tables to putt-putt greens to jukeboxes... Our kingdom’s kitted out with some of the coolest toys out there.

That being said, you don’t build a 1-of-a-kind culture by buying the latest and greatest doodah out there. You do it by living with purpose, #MakingADifference in the lives of your staff, suppliers and clients and by maintaining a ‘people over profit’ mentality. Because happy staff = happy clients!


Listen to our culture minute


Culture days

Keen to establish a company culture that excites and inspires? Then join us as we take you on a tour of our kingdom, show you what a flawsome culture can do, and rope in our culture-savvy experts to discuss various culture models and processes.

What’s included

  • A culture info session, where we touch on:
    • The meaning of culture

    • How to merge, align and measure culture

    • The establishment of an adaptive culture

    • Culture models and processes

    • How to create a 1-of-a-kind culture for your business

  • A tour of our kingdom
  • Free popcorn and slushies
  • A King Price happy bag
  • Lunch

Join 1 of our awesome culture days to learn more about what we do and how we do it.

Below you’ll find our 2024 prices:

R2,500 per person


R10,000 for a group of 5 people

For more info pop an email to [email protected]

Kingdom tours

Our kingdom hosts regular tours for schools, universities and businesses alike. So, step onto our crowned cruiser,
have some popcorn on us and see our ‘fun with a little madness’ culture for yourself!

Kingdom tours price

Our kingdom tours are completely

Need more info? Want to book a tour?
Pop an email to [email protected]
and we'll get back to you ASAP.

King Price culture webinar

COVID-19 vs. company culture

Look who's stopped by

FNB, Foschini, Cosmopolitan and Solidariteit have all visited our kingdom.
Who knows... Your business could be next!