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Insurance excess

At King Price we keep insurance excess simple

As you know at King Price we always have your best interests at heart. For this reason we have decided to simplify and restructure our insurance excess amounts in order to make your universe a brighter, easier and cheaper place.

The best part of all, is that with us you get to choose the basic car excess that best suites your pocket and preference. The higher the excess the lower your monthly premium... So play around with our awesome excess slider to select the premium and excess that makes you happiest.

Here is a breakdown of the king's excess summary... If you have any questions at all, don't think twice to contact us.

Basic excess

Basic car excess (You choose)   R 1,500 - R27,500 *
Factory fitted radio - not specified   Basic
Specified radio   R 750.00
Window replacement (excluding panoramic glass)   R 750.00
Window chips   Free
Caravans   R 2,500.00
Trailers   R 2,500.00
Specified portable possessions (5% of claim value, minimum R500)   R 500.00 or 5%
Unspecified portable possessions   R 500.00
Buildings (5% of claim, minimum R1,500, maximum R4,500)   R 1,500.00 or 5%
Home contents (5% of claim, minimum R1 500, maximum R4,500)   R 1,500.00 or 5%
Additional contents cover   R 400.00

* We offer a voluntary excess where you choose what excess suites you. The higher your excess, the less you will pay in premium.

Additional excess

These are to be paid per incident, over and above your basic excess, if applicable

If the incident driver is not the regular driver and younger than 25 years OR has a driver's licence for less than 2 years   R 4,500.00
If the incident occurred outside of SA and the car is not drivable   R 7,500.00
With regards to a car claim when the incident occurs in the first 3 months of cover   R 3,500.00