Comprehensive car insurance

Imagine having coverage so thorough it’s fit for royalty. All of those little ‘oopsies’, and even the larger ‘uh-ohs’, would be taken care of. Well, this extensive kind of policy can be yours. Only, instead of being reserved for a king, it’s offered by one.

With King Price, when we say comprehensive car insurance, we’re talking about our 5-star deal.

Unclouded judgement

There is no smoke and mirrors when it comes to our services. Everything is clear and transparent. Our clients always know what they’re paying for and we’re always ready to dish out deals fit for a king.

This all-inclusive policy covers damages relating to:

  • Accidents
  • Theft
  • Hi-jacking
  • Third party incidents
  • Fires

So you won’t have to experience a financial freak-out during any of these stressful instances.

Minimum cost maximum cover

You also won’t have to break the bank to get your hands on this 5 star deal. We know that your car’s value decreases every time you drive it. That’s why we make your monthly premiums do the same. Why? Because we just think that’s the fair and logical way that insurance should be done.

Quotes at your fingertips

We’ve made it so easy to apply for insurance from King Price. If your usual first step is looking for an affordable price, search no more. You’ve found the country’s most cost-effective cover. As for signing up…. With the help of our instant online insurance quotes, you can be on your way to royal coverage in minutes.

Fit for a king

For the kind of royal treatment that you and your pocket deserve, get comprehensive car insurance from King Price. It’s that simple.

Contact one of our consultants today or just request a free quote online.