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14Feb 2019

Crowned 1 of SA’s most trusted insurers (and definitely most royal Valentine)

Get your swoon on this Valentine’s Day (and if the hearts and kisses make you weak at the knees, it’s okay, the king’s got you covered)…

Delivered in a flurry of red and white petals, news just in from the kingdom is that the people have truly spoken. South Africa’s king of insurance, King Price, has now also been voted 1 of South Africa’s 2 most trusted insurance brands on a respected TrustIndex where honest consumer comment is the order of the day. Talk about being able to wear their crown with pride!

Customer is king

With its ‘customer is king’ approach to service as 1 of its 7 family values, the popular insurer made the decision to put its money where its mouth is, by choosing Hellopeter – SA’s top review platform – to hear the voices of its loyal subjects.

The Hellopeter TrustIndex is a way for customers to show how credible a business is, calculated with variables such as average review star ratings and the time it takes the reviewed company to reply. The backbone of the TrustIndex comes down to great customer service (and the king is well known for having a sturdy backbone!).


Bow low

“We take what we do very seriously, but ourselves not so much, so it’s with a knuckle-scraping royal bow from our kingdom to yours that we receive this honour of trust,” says Wynand van Vuuren, partner of client experience at King Price. “Because we promise royal service all the time, every time, there’s no better test than enabling and encouraging our clients to rate our service on a public forum. It’s also really important for people to know that we don’t ‘coach’ our clients on what to write. You can see from the length and individuality of our ratings that they’ve written their feedback spontaneously and from the heart.”

While Hellopeter has a tendency to conjure up fear and dread in the hearts of many service providers due to its powerful online presence, King Price sees things differently. “For us, it all comes down to trust and wanting to know the truth. Trust is a 2-way street and this platform gives us the opportunity to react instantly and support our clients in good times and bad. While we don’t want there to be any criticisms, we accept that we’re ‘flawsome’ and we appreciate it when our clients make us aware of the things we can do better. Another one of our family values is ‘be real’ and this means owning our mistakes. But it’s great to see that we’re getting it right more often than not,” says van Vuuren.

So, there you have it, credibility rules, and so does King Price – at your service (while spreading virtual flowers, chocolates and heart-shaped balloons of appreciation all over the kingdom on Valentine’s Day).