The king's cab service for comprehensive car insurance clients

Hitch a ride with the king

We’ve all attended an awesome party, work function or date with friends, where the energy is electric, the liquor flowing, and no one wants the fun to end. Unfortunately, the night always winds down, guests leave and you slowly realise that it definitely isn’t a good idea to drive home.

For some of you, waiting at the venue is an option. But for others, it starts to feel a bit awkward when the hosts begin to yawn. What do you do?

Your best bet is probably to catch a ride with a taxi and hope that your car remains in one piece outside. However, if you’re looking to avoid unnecessary anxiety about abandoning your ‘prized steed’, consider the King’s cab service

How does it work?

Two of our trusted knights in shining armour drive to your location to whisk you and your car back home safely. One person commandeers our ‘steed’, while the other takes you away in your own. This way, you both get back to your kingdom in one piece.

Picture this: Your favourite team is playing in the finals, and you and your equally enthusiastic buddies are getting together to watch the momentous game. The chances of consuming too much alcohol are rather high. Plan ahead, and don’t risk your life by drinking and driving.

What you can do is:

  • Call 0860 55 55 23
  • Pre-book your kings cab to collect you at the bar where you’ll be watching the game
  • Set an alarm on your phone to meet the driver at your designated time
  • Enjoy your evening with nothing to worry about

Of course, when it comes to this awesome service, there are some finer details to be aware of, such as:

  • Location change – Any alterations to your plans need to be made at least 90 minutes before your original pick up time.
  • Cut off – Our knights knock off at 2am (nothing good happens after this time anyway), so be sure to arrange your collection before this.
  • Time limit – You’re given 15 minutes to meet the drivers. Those drawn out goodbyes should be done with this in mind.
  • More than one person – If your buddy’s also had a few too many and they live at the same location as you, they’re more than welcome to catch a ride too.

The cost of this service is included in your monthly premiums. So, should you choose to add it in your policy, simply let your King Price liaison know.

What’s the catch?

So now that you’re “allowed” to go a little bit crazy without the stress of leaving your car somewhere, weekends should be a whole lot better right? Not quite. Before you start going buck-wild with pick-up requests, there are a few of the policy points need your attention.

Please note that:

  • Your insurance only pays for the use of this service 6 times a year. If you request it more than that, you’re liable for the additional costs.
  • On weekends, try and book a driver at least 4 hours in advance. You’re probably not the only one who’s planning on having a good time on a Saturday night.
  • If you’re being collected from a public place, choose a well-lit or easily visible meeting area, so that our drivers can find it quickly.

How far is far?

Unfortunately, if you live in a tiny town many miles away, this service won’t be available to you. You’re only covered within, and up to 50kms from, these major city centres:

  • Cape Town
  • East London
  • George
  • Johannesburg
  • Kimberley
  • Port Elizabeth
  • Pretoria

Safety first

Now that you know King Price has your back, you won’t have to stress about leaving your car after having 1 too many.

Contact your KP consultant to make the necessary changes to your policy today.